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Mrs, Dr.  Josephine Tsobgni Djoukeng Ph.D., MAT, BSs is a nutritionist/Consultant with a holistic approach to eating healthy foods as close to its natural state as possible. My moto, as stated by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is:  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". My emphasis is on healthy nutrition with healthy choices, portion size and food enjoyment, wellness with moderate daily exercise, and weight management to prevent and reduce most chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity/overweight, and others.

My goal is to always use healthy, nutritious and delicious food plan that is evidenced based and proven solutions that works to help communities and families attain and maintain their healthy selves free of chronic diseases.  My mission is for everyone to have or achieve a quality life at any age mostly old age trough sustainable and healthy and balanced life style.

We collectively can reach the healthy balanced state that  our creator envisioned for us. Feeling  healthy, feeling good or be our best selves trough healthy eating on a daily basis can and should eliminate pills.

I became a nutritionist for preventive medicine. I have always love wellness and the best way to achieve wellness and free of chronic diseases is through healthy  nutrition. My desire to help my family live quality life is rooted in preventive medicine. my brother less than 45 years old died of a heart attack and high blood pressure. My mother was hypertensive. I am pre-hypertensive and  my husband is pre-diabetics. The only way not to be hypertensive or diabetics or to prevent these chronic diseases is through healthy  nutrition and lifestyle. Quality of life we all need can only comes from healthy lifestyle and nutrition is a central part of the equation.

I want to extend the love I have for my family to have and live a quality life to communities and families.

Sincerely, Josephine T. Djoukeng Ph.D.


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Digestive wellness

Food allergies & intolerance

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification

Elimination diets

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